This is my entry for week 4 of Reddit's Summer Roguelike Tutorial.

Each week, I'll be using Construct 3 to complete the required steps and posting the results here. By the end, I should have a fully-fledged roguelike!

You can follow my progress here on Twitter!

This project is open source! You can download a copy of the Construct 3 file here. (Caution: the code is a hot mess). You will need to have these three addons installed in order to view/edit the project.

This week, I focused on: 

  • Adding in items and a player inventory.
  • Adding an action log.
  • Rearranging the UI and adding an info bar.
  • Laying the groundwork for magic Items.
    • Picking these up yields an "inventory full" message (for now).
  • Tweaking Monster pathfinding a little bit.

If you have any feedback, feel free to leave it below! See you next week!

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